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About Us

What is OPTA?

The Ontario Professional Ticketing Association is located in Toronto, Ontario. Comprised of leaders in the Ontario ticketing industry, OPTA is Canada’s only professional association dedicated exclusively to issues relevant to the management of the ticketing industry. OPTA members manage ticket offices in the performing arts, stadiums, universities, art galleries, attractions, to name a few, or provide services to support the industry. We have an unofficial working relationship with INTIX (International Ticketing Association) based in New York.

Mission Statement

OPTA is dedicated to the concerns with the support for preservation of and further development of fair ethics and high standards with regards to marketing, sales and service in the ticketing industry. To promote the development and maintenance of a high standard of service to the ticket-buying public and user groups.

Board of Directors

2017 – 2018 OPTA Board of Directors
President Fran Holywell Civic Theatres Toronto
Past President Shamayne Skelly Consultant
Past-Past President Barry Higgins Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Secretary Alan Forsyth TicketKing
Treasurer Richard Carter RDC Consulting
Director-at-Large Jean-Francois Page Canadian Business SenseAbility
Director-at-Large Darcy Haywood-Stoop Ticketmaster
Director-at-Large Odette Cimino The Living Arts Centre Mississauga
Director-at-Large Jessica Rashotte Civic Theatres Toronto

Message from the President

Welcome to the Ontario Professional Ticketing Association (OPTA) website.

It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Ontario Professional Ticketing Association Membership and Executive Board.

2014/2015 marks an important time in our history as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of OPTA at our general meeting in April 2015. Established in 1990 and with 115 members, OPTA is the oldest and largest regional ticketing group in North America. Together, we represent over 79 organizations from across the province. Our membership is varied, representing organizations with different focuses, including: theatres, performance venues, attractions and ticketing service providers. Members include: box office managers, patron services directors, marketing and sales directors, and venue IT professionals, to name only a few. We are happy to count a number of industry supplier members among our ranks as well.

As an OPTA member, you will benefit from insider access to box office operations and best practices from arts, museums, attractions, sports and theatre environments to name a few.

Networking - Our group holds five general meetings during the OPTA season (September through June) hosted at various venues throughout Toronto, which provides additional value for your membership. OPTA members understand your business so bring your ideas or challenges to the meet and greet prior to each meeting and you will certainly get ideas that will put you on track.

Continuing Education – OPTA will endeavor to provide you with the highest quality professional development at the lowest price anywhere. We will keep you informed about breaking industry news and views, industry benefits, and career opportunities.

As part of your membership benefits, you will receive ticket offers, surveys, meeting updates and job postings. Remember, the more you take advantage of your membership, the more benefits you will receive.

If you would like to learn more about our organization or inquire about becoming a member, please click here to contact our Secretary, Alan Forsyth.

Thank you again, for your interest and support of OPTA. We look forward to seeing you at our next general meeting.

Kevin Devaux
OPTA President 2014-2015



While attending an International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) workshop in Milwaukee, Richard Carter met Pat Spira from the Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. After several months of discussion and planning, the two established Box Office Management International (BOMI), later renamed the International Ticketing Association (INTIX). INTIX is dedicated to the advancement of the success of the admission service industry by exchanging ideas and concepts on effective box office management for the solution of common problems.

In 1981, Richard Carter was brought to Toronto from the Minnesota Orchestra/Orchestra Hall to manage the box office at the soon to be open Roy Thomson Hall. Richard quickly realized that despite the large number of venues in the area, only a few of the Box Office Managers regularly communicated with each other about their daily problems and operating policies. In 1984, he invited the local Ticketing Managers to a meeting to recommend the formation of a regional ticketing association. As a result, the Association of Ticket Managers (ATM) was formed with 31 founding members including representatives from Hamilton Place, the Stratford Festival, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto Blue Jays, Ticketron (now Ticketmaster), Cineplex and Five Star Tickets. The first ATM executive committee included:

  • Richard Carter as Chair (Roy Thomson Hall)
  • Vice Chairman Ernest Rubenstein (O’Keefe Centre now the Sony Centre)
  • Treasurer Roy Reeves (Massey Hall)
  • Secretary Georgian Green (Toronto Free Theatre)

ATM meetings were held monthly with speakers and workshops and in 1985, ATM became the local host for one of INTIX’s most successful conferences to date – held right here in Toronto. Unfortunately, due to a major shift in box office managers, a heavy meeting schedule and too small of an executive committee, ATM went dormant after a little over two years.

On November 27, 1989, a meeting was held with local box office managers to ask them to re-establish a local ticketing organization. The following organizations sent representatives for this meeting:

Randy Low Blue Jays Jonathon Chan Royal Alexandra Theatre
Nancy Plancke Canadian Opera Company George Nkusi Royal Alexandra Theatre
Danielle Hanning Canadian Stage Judi Irwin Ryerson Theatre
Pat Crowther Elgin Winger Garden Theatre Joanne Philpott SkyDome
Rebecca Cann Factory Theatre Joanne Linsey St. Lawrence Centre
DJ Stover Harbourfront Diane England St. Lawrence Centre
Ketty Yanovsky Mendelsson Choir Paul Fonsehca Tafelmusik
Bruce Maxwell National Ballet Keith Cole Tarragon Theatre
Jim Truax O'Keefe Centre Marcello Araujo Tarragon Theatre
Carol Gibson Pantages Theatre David Kingwell Toronto Symphony

At this meeting, it was proposed to the attendees that they re-establish an organization that would meet regularly (approximately 5 times a year) at a different member's venue. Meetings would focus on seeking practical solutions to common problems. The goal would be to improve our provincial box offices or organizations through sharing of ideas and information.

In the following months, by-laws and a mission statement were drafted and on April 23, 1990, the Ontario Professional Ticketing Association (OPTA) was born. To this day, members' box offices throughout Ontario proudly display the organization's logo on their box office windows.

Previous OPTA Presidents include:

Joanne Benerowski Canadian National Exhibition Reynaldo deGuzman, CMA Toronto Zoo

April Moon


The Corporation of Massey Hall

and Roy Thomson Hall

Bob Hogan Ontario Science Centre
David Kingwell Toronto Symphony Jim Aldridge TicketKing
Richard Carter Roy Thomson Hall Jan Campbell Labatt Entertainment
Nancy Plancke National Ballet of Canada Bruce Morrison Ticketmaster
Randy Low Toronto Blue Jays Jeff Koets Young Peoples Theatre

Based on the success of OPTA, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake, Minneapolis and Texas have established their own regional ticketing organizations using the Toronto format. Presently, membership is over 115 members and growing, with a number of OPTA members active within the INTIX organization. OPTA members have hosted and managed three annual INTIX conferences: 1995, 2001 and 2010, and two INTIX summer conferences.



(Revised 21December, 2004)

A by-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of the Association.



The name of the association is the “Ontario Professional Ticketing Association” (herein referred to as “OPTA” or the Association)


The office of the Association shall be located at such place in the City of Toronto, Ontario, as the members shall from time to time determine.


OPTA is an association of professionals concerned with the support for, preservation of and further development of fair ethics and high standards with regards to marketing, sales and service in the ticketing industry of Metropolitan Toronto and its environs.


The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To provide support to its members through shared knowledge, experience, information and ideas.
  2. To act as a resource group to other organizations which require assistance with or information about ticketing.
  3. To promote the establishment and maintenance of fair and equitable ticket selling and marketing practices.
  4. To encourage professional growth and development.
  5. To promote the development and maintenance of a high standard of service to the ticket-buying public and to user groups.
  6. To promote confidence and goodwill among the related segments of the industry.

1.5Protection of Privacy and Personal Information

The Association takes seriously the privacy of the personal information of its members. The Association shall comply with all laws, by-laws, rules and administrative or judicial rulings respecting the privacy of members’ personal information, and shall be prohibited from sharing, selling or otherwise disclosing such information except where necessary to conduct the business of the Association.



Any individual involved in or associated with the ticketing industry may be eligible for membership in the Association. Membership in the Association vests with the individual member and not with their associated organization.

2.2Application for Membership

Anyone who desires to become a member of OPTA shall submit a written application for membership together with the prescribed fees, to the Treasurer of the Association.

2.3Admission to Membership

At each meeting of the members of the Association, the President shall submit for approval by the members, the applications for membership received since the date of the last meeting. Each applicant must be approved by a vote (as described in 5.6) of the existing members.

Each member in good standing of the Association shall have the right to participate and vote at meetings of the Association, participate in activities and initiatives sponsored by or under the auspices of the Association, and shall have the right to run for office as prescribed in these By-Laws.

2.4Termination of Membership

Any member’s membership may be terminated for any reason whatsoever upon a motion for the same being passed at a meeting for the members. Such a motion requires a 2/3rds majority of legal quorum at a duly called meeting.

2.5Transfer of Membership

Any member of the Association may request, in writing to the Board of Directors, that their membership be transferred during the annual term of membership, such transfer shall be subject to approval of the Association under section 2.3.



The annual membership fee for the next fiscal year shall be determined by the members at the annual meeting.

3.2Payment of Fees

Membership fees shall be paid in full on the first day of July of each year. Fees must be paid in full at the time of becoming a member, notwithstanding the date of the application for membership.

3.3Default in Payment

Any member who fails to pay the membership fee, when due, shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of members, while in default. In addition, the membership of a defaulting member may be terminated at any time by a meeting of members.


4.1Number and Offices

The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of eight individuals, one each in the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. If the Past President is unable to serve, the position will remain vacant. There shall be four (4) Directors-at-Large, one of whom will be selected by the Board of Directors to serve in the office of Vice-President.


Any member of the Association in good standing at the time of the Annual Meeting shall be eligible to run for any open position on the Board of Directors, subject to nomination and vote by the membership of the Association.

4.3Election, Term and Removal

The members of the Association shall elect at the first meeting of members and at each succeeding annual meeting, the Board of Directors to hold office for a term expiring as prescribed below. Provided that, the members may, at any meeting by resolution, remove any member of the Board of Directors and any vacancy or vacancies created by the removal of a member of the Board of Directors may be filled at the meeting of the members at which the removal took place.

The President and Past President, respectively, shall serve for a term of one (1) year, or until the next annual meeting of the Association. The Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, shall serve for a term of two (2) years, or until the second annual meeting of the Association following the annual meeting at which they were elected. Members at Large of the Board of Directors shall serve for a term of one (1) year, or until the next annual meeting of the Association.

All positions of the Board of Directors shall be deemed effective upon adjournment of the annual meeting at which they were elected.

4.4Vacation of Office

Any position on the Board of Directors shall become vacant if: (a) the member dies; (b) if he or she is removed by the members; or (c) the member resigns by notice in writing to the Association which resignation shall become effective at the time it is received or at the time specified in the notice, whichever is later.

4.5Meetings of the Board of Directors

Meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at such times and in such places as the Board of Directors may decide, provided that there be at least four (4) meetings of the Board of Directors between each annual meeting of the Association. One or more of the members of the Board of Directors or any committee thereof may participate in a meeting by means of conference telephone or similar communication equipment allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other at the same time. Participating by such means shall constitute attendance at a meeting.

Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one vote at any meeting of the Board of Directors. A quorum of Directors shall be necessary at each meeting of the Board of Directors, such quorum to be a minimum of five (5) Directors.

The Board of Directors shall meet within 30 days of each annual meeting of the Association for the purpose of selecting a Vice President, and confirming the administrative and organizational function of the Board of Directors.

4.6Duties and Responsibilities

Subject to the direction of the members of the Association, the Board of Directors and the Officers of the Association shall manage and supervise the business and affairs of the Association. Any two officers shall sign all such contracts, documents or instruments as require their respective signatures and shall have and perform all powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned to them by the members.

The Board of Directors may, at their discretion, establish one or more committees to adequately conduct the business and affairs of the Association. Each such committee shall, as a minimum, have one member of the Board of Directors and one member of the Association who is not a member of the Board of Directors as members of that committee. A chairman of each committee shall be designated by the members of that committee and shall be responsible to the Board of Directors and the membership of the Association for the on-going activities of that committee.


The President shall be the chief executive and operating officer of OPTA and shall act as the chairman of meetings of the members of the Association and the Board of Directors of the Association. The President shall be an ex-officio member of any committees of the Association.


The Vice-President shall be selected by the Board of Directors from the Directors-At-Large. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the day-to-day management of the Association. The Vice-President becomes a standing member, representing the President in all committees and can represent the President when s/he is unable to chair the Board of Directors’ or the Association's meetings. The Vice-President will become the Acting President and Chief Executive of the Association where the President is unable to continue in his/her position. The Acting President shall remain in office until next election.


The Secretary shall give or cause to be given notices for all meetings of the members of the Association and of the Board of Directors and shall have charge of the minute and record books of the Association. The Secretary shall maintain the register of members of the Association. The minute book and the register of members shall be made available by the Secretary for the perusal of any member upon reasonable notice.


The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all the funds and securities of the Association and shall deposit the same in the name of the Association in such bank or banks as the members may determine. The Treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept accurate, consolidated accounting records for the Association. The Treasurer shall present written financial statements to the membership at each meeting of the members of the Association, and shall present a written annual statement of financial position for acceptance by the members at the annual meeting of the Association.

4.11Past President

The Past President is a member of and serves as advisor to the Board of Directors. The Past President’s term will begin the year following his/her Presidency. If the President serves more than one term, the Past President will continue to serve on the Board of Directors until there is a new President elected.

4.12Payment of Expenses

Members of the Executive may not be remunerated but may be reimbursed for bona fide expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.


5.1Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the members of the Association shall be held on the fifteenth day of June in each year or so soon thereafter as is practical at such place as the Board of Directors may determine within the City of Toronto, Ontario, or, if not determined, at the offices of the Association.

5.2Other Meetings

The members of OPTA shall meet at such other times as the members may determine, and in any event not less than six times per year. Any three members of the Association may, by written notice directed to the Board of Directors, require the Secretary to call a meeting of the members for a date not later than thirty days after delivery of the meeting requisition to the Board of Directors.


Written notice of each meeting stating the date, time and place thereof shall be given to each member not in default of the Association by ordinary mail, facsimile, electronic (ie: e-mail) or by hand delivery not less than ten business days prior to the meeting date.

5.4Omission of Notice

The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting or any irregularity in the notice of any meeting or the non-receipt by any member or Officer of the Association shall not invalidate any resolution passed or any proceedings taken at any meeting of the members.


The presence in person of the lesser of seven members or twenty-five percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless the requisite quorum be present at the time of the transaction of business. If a quorum is not present at the time appointed for the meeting or within a reasonable time thereafter as the members present may determine, the individuals present and entitled to vote may adjourn the meeting to a fixed time and place but may not transact any other business and the notice provisions contained in paragraph 5.3 shall apply to such an adjournment.


Every question submitted to a meeting of the members of the Association shall be decided in the first instance by a show of hands unless a member entitled to vote demands a ballot. A ballot may be demanded either before or after any vote by a show of hands by any member entitled to vote at the meeting. Only members actually in attendance at the meeting shall be entitled to cast one vote each. No proxies shall be permitted. Elections of members to the Board of Directors shall be accomplished by ballot, unless any position shall be deemed acclaimed. All matters shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast (with the exception as indicated in 2.4).

5.7Chair of the Meeting

The President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President, shall act as the chair of any members' meetings; provided however that the chair may delegate the chair to the host of the meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation of the agenda for each meeting. Any member in good standing may request that an item be added to the agenda for a meeting subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and time permitting.


The members of the Association may, by majority vote at any properly convened meeting of the Association, introduce changes or amendments to this By-Law, provided a written proposal of such changes or amendments will be given to members as part of the notice of meeting.